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Research project

Survey of consumer practices with respect to coated frozen chicken products

Social research on coated frozen chicken products to cook and eat at home.

The Food Standards Agency and Food Standards Scotland commissioned an online survey via three waves of Ipsos MORI's online omnibus with 5,599 adults (aged 16-75) living in the UK. Of these, 3,740 had cooked or eaten coated frozen chicken products recently and went on to complete the full survey. Fieldwork dates were 19-25 March 2021. The data was weighted to be representative of the UK adult population aged 16 - 75.

Participants were informed that questions would be asked about “Coated frozen chicken products that you cook or eat at home” which meant any cook-from-frozen chicken products that are usually breaded or battered, for example: frozen chicken nuggets / frozen chicken goujons / frozen chicken dippers / frozen chicken popsters / frozen breaded or battered chicken fillets / frozen chicken poppers / frozen popcorn chicken / frozen chicken kievs / frozen chicken-burgers.

Results from sub-samples are based on:

  • participants aged 16-24: 867
  • participants with children aged 15 or under in the household: 1,747
  • participants who personally cook the products: 3,159
  • participants who use an oven to cook the products: 2,872

Data tables

The results tables for this report are available in our data catalogue.

Research report