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Behaviour and perception

What role does consumer and Food Business Operator behaviour and perception play in ensuring food safety and standards? 

The Behaviour and Perception Area of Research Interest (ARI) looks at understanding the role that consumer and business behaviour and perception has in ensuring food safety and standards. The overarching aim of this ARI is to investigate consumers’ and businesses’ behaviours, beliefs and potential misconceptions around food hygiene and safety. 

Under this ARI we will identify research gaps, collect evidence and data on a range of topics, including:

  • food allergies
  • food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) 
  • behaviours in kitchens
  • meat sector compliance incentives

This ARI will provide a range of evidence that will be analysed and used by FSA teams in alignment with the FSA’s mission. Through identification of knowledge gaps, we can inform policy making in an efficient and targeted way, to achieve higher regulatory compliance, as well as a positive impact on consumers’ health. As the independent government department with the exclusive remit for food, it will enable us to fulfil a crucial role in informing the wider debates around issues such as food affordability. 

Research projects related to the programme

Food and You 2: Technical Report

This technical report is for the Food and You 2 survey. This report outlines the questionnaire development, sampling, fieldwork and weighting approach for Wave 1-7.

Kitchen Life 2 Technical report

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) commissioned Kitchen Life 2 (KL2) to understand food safety practices in household and food business operator (FBO) kitchens.

Kitchen Life 2

Kitchen Life 2 is a behavioural research project that used video capture to understand real-life behaviour in household and business kitchens.