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Research project

Eating Well Choosing Better Tracking Survey - Wave 4

Northern Ireland specific

The tracking survey monitors understanding and knowledge of daily recommended calorie intake, use of traffic light labels, attitudes towards calorie information when eating out and awareness of campaign communications delivered by the Food Standards Agency in NI to improve consumer’s understanding of healthy eating recommendations.

Last updated: 17 September 2019
Last updated: 17 September 2019


We have been monitoring the impact of the Eating Well Choosing Better programme through a consumer tracking survey since November 2017. The purpose of this programme is to improve the nutritional quality of everyday products produced, served and sold to consumers in Northern Ireland.

Research Approach

The tracking survey runs twice per year in May and November and is completed online by a representative sample of approximately 300 adults in Northern Ireland.


Key findings from the Wave 4 survey: 

  • 43% of women and 36% of men are aware of the correct daily recommended calorie intake
  • 96% of respondents recognised traffic light labels, and 67% report using the traffic light labels when shopping
  • 67% of respondents reported that they are more likely to buy reduced salt and reduced sugar products, and 63% are more likely to buy reduced fat products, compared to a regular version of the product
  • 50% or more of respondents found it difficult or very difficult to choose healthier food and meals from takeaways (67%), fast food restaurants (57%) and restaurants (52%).
Research report

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland