Welsh Food Advisory Committee

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The main role of the Welsh Food Advisory Committee is to give advice or information to the Agency about matters connected with its functions, including, in particular, matters affecting or otherwise relating to Wales.

Under the standardised operating procedures, the advisory committee for Wales was established to provide advice or information to the Agency, which in turn advises the appropriate authorities on matters relating to its functions in Wales. The Agency is required to take the advice of the advisory committee into account when carrying out its functions or advising Ministers.

The advisory committee is committed to acting in an open and transparent way and will publish the advice it provides to the Agency on food policy and its implementation (within the minutes listed below), where such advice is not otherwise published through the minutes of the Board or by other means.

Register your interest

Should you wish to register your interest for attending any of these meetings please email: WalesAdminTeam@foodstandards.gsi.gov.uk (simply stating the date of the meeting(s) you would like to attend)

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