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FSA Board & Business Committee Meetings - September 2021

FSA Board Meeting - September 2021: Agenda and Papers

Agenda and papers for The FSA Board meeting on 15 September 2021 at etc.venues -133 Houndsditch, Liverpool Street, London EC3A 7BX

The first meeting with Professor Susan Jebb as chair is on Wednesday 15 September 2021.

The agenda includes:

  • FSA/FSS Annual Food Standards Report
  • Genome Editing
  • Animal Welfare Update
  • Operational Transformation Programme - Future Delivery Model Public Consultation
  • Incidents and Resilience Annual Report

The FSA Business Committee Meeting follows the FSA Board meeting.

09:00 - Chair's introduction

Professor Susan Jebb presents the minutes and actions from the previous FSA Board meeting in June 2021. Also, Professor Jebb shares the questions received in advance of the Board meeting and the Chair's report.

09:10 - The Chief Executive's report to the FSA Board

Emily Miles presents the Chief Executive's report to the FSA Board. It features the National Food Strategy review, the recent cat food incident, and the upcoming import controls.

09:35 - FSA and FSS Annual Food Standards Report

Rebecca Sudworth and Anjali Juneja present plans for a new annual report on food standards by the Food Standaard Agency and Food Standards Scotland that will assess the state of the nation’s plate.

09:55 - Operational Transformation Update (OTP) Public Consultation on the Future Delivery Model

Colin Sullivan and Richard Wynn-Davies provide an update on the Operational Transformation Programme (OTP) paper presented to the FSA Board on 26 May 2021 and following a public consultation. It proposes to modernise the regulatory framework for Official Controls we deliver at the FSA.

10:15 - Genome Editing Regulation Consultation

Rebecca Sudworth, Sabrina Roberts, and Michael Wight with an update on our role in any possible future changes to the regulation of Genome Editing (GE) in England.

10:30 - Break

10:45 - Welsh Food Advisory Committee (WFAC) report

Peter Price, Julie Pierce, and Nathan Barnhouse provide a joint report from the WFAC Chair and the Director of the FSA in Wales. It outlines key activities of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in Wales in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and in ensuring that we have in place suitable arrangements post-EU Exit.

11:00 - Northern Ireland Food Advisory Committee (NIFAC) report

Colm McKenna and Maria Jennings outline the work carried out by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in Northern Ireland (NI) in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and in ensuring that we have in place suitable arrangements post-EU Exit to fulfil the requirements of the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland (the Protocol).

It also includes an update on the progress of the FSA’s programme of work in NI, highlights from the Northern Ireland Food Advisory Committee (NIFAC) discussions and key upcoming priorities for the FSA in NI.

11:15 - Annual Governance Report

Ruth Hussey presents the Annual Governance Report, which includes recommendations to adjustment our Terms of References and Standing Orders.

11:25 - Annual Report from Chair of the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee (ARAC)

Colm McKenna shares a summary of the work undertaken by ARAC during 2020/21 in accordance with the ARAC’s Terms of Reference.

11:35 - Reports from the Chairs of the Food Advisory Committees

Oral reports from the Chairs of the Food Advisory Committees by Colm McKenna and Peter Price.

11:40 - Any other business

End of Board Meeting

The FSA's Business Committee Meeting - September 2021 starts at 12:30pm.