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Our partnerships

We strive to build strategic, collaborative partnerships in the UK and abroad.

Scientific partnerships across government and with academia are critical to meeting our science and evidence needs. For example, our risk analysis process, which analyses food safety risks, draws on the independent views of over 100 scientific experts, analysts and other practitioners.

Our Food Hygiene Rating Scheme is delivered in partnership with 373 local authorities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. They carry out hygiene inspections in around 490,000 businesses – enabling consumer choice and improving hygiene standards in food. 

Strong partnership working also helps us to understand and reach the consumers we seek to protect. For example, partnering with Just Eat has helped us to increase transparency of information on hygiene in food businesses, enabling consumers to consider food safety when ordering food online.

Collaborating with charities like Allergy UK and the Anaphylaxis Campaign helps us to better understand and support people living with food hypersensitivities.

Download our brochure. Learn more about how we have worked to protect your plate over the last 20 years and our vision for the future.