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Business guidance

Guidance on the health and identification marks that must be applied to products of animal origin (POAO), such as meat, egg products, fish, cheese and milk.
There is specific information for different types of food including pre-packed and loose foods.
Legal requirements that you have to follow as a food business.
Guidance on what a higher risk product is, labelling, packaging, chemical safety and controls on plant health.
It is mandatory for nutrition information to be declared on prepacked food. In Northern Ireland, the FSA is responsible for nutrition labelling. District Councils enforce these regulations in Northern Ireland.
How to label allergens and avoid allergen-cross contamination when producing pre-packed food.
Guidance on the labelling requirements wine must meet to be sold in the UK.
Requirements for the authorisation and marketing of feed additives, and a list of feed additives under withdrawal.

Consumer guidance

Understanding 'best before' and 'use-by' dates on food labels and how you must treat them differently.
Information about genetically modified (GM) foods and how we assess the safety and labelling requirements of these products.