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Introducing Food and You 2

We are making changes to our flagship consumer survey.

Last updated: 2 November 2022
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Last updated: 2 November 2022
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From 2020, we’ll be combining our Food and You and Public Attitudes Tracker into a new modular survey to ensure we have access to the most representative and accurate consumer data. 

Food and You, our flagship social research survey, takes a detailed snapshot of food behaviours. Our Public Attitudes Tracker monitors change in attitudes, understanding trends and measuring the impact of campaigns. Both are Official Statistics, providing a unique open dataset used by analysts and policymakers across Government as well as by the wider academic community.

We are combining both in a new modular survey using web-push methodology, covering more topics with an increased sample, particularly in Wales and Northern Ireland.

This new approach will:

  • make our reporting quicker
  • provide opportunities to cross-reference behaviours against attitudes
  • bring in new ‘non-core’ modules and retire others as priorities change

This updated survey will be called Food and You 2, and will run every six months.

Our plans have been reviewed and informed by the independent Advisory Committee for Social Science who have agreed there are multiple benefits and opportunities that this change in methodology affords. However, by future-proofing the survey, we will be accepting a break in the current time-series.