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Our Food 2022: An annual review of food standards across the UK

Our Food 2022: Acknowledgements

Acknowledgements for the annual report on food standards 2022.

Last updated: 8 November 2023
Last updated: 8 November 2023

Firstly, we would like to thank the many contributors across the FSA and FSS who have made this report possible  This is a genuine UK-wide effort, with extensive input from policy experts across the four home nations.

The report also benefited hugely from the expert input provided by the fourteen external reviewers who examined early drafts and provided support and constructive challenge throughout their development. Their combined wisdom and generous advice have made this report stronger, so we are particularly grateful to:

Full report: annual report (Our Food)

  • Professor Guy Poppy, CB FMedSci, University of Southampton, Executive Chair of BBSRC

Chapter 1: The nation’s plate 

  • Professor Julie Barnett, University of Bath
  • Professor Emma Roe, Professor of More-Than-Human Geographies, University of Southampton
  • Professor Lynn Frewer, Professor of Food & Society, Newcastle University

Chapter 2: Going global 

  • Professor Dennis Novy, Professor of Economics, University of Warwick
  • Professor L Alan Winters CB, Professor of Economics, University of Sussex

Chapter 3: Keeping it clean 

  • Dr Belinda Stuart-Moonlight, Moonlight Environmental Ltd
  • Dr Nicholas Watson, Professor of Artificial Intelligence in Food, University of Leeds

Chapter 4: Safe and sound

  • Ms Patricia Dodd
  • Mr Alec Kyriakides, Independent Food Safety Consultant
  • Mr John Barnes, Enmoore Ltd
  • Professor John Threlfall, Independent Consultant
  • Professor Louise Manning, Professor of Sustainable Agri Food Systems University of Lincoln
  • Professor Tony Hines MBE, Independent Consultant