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Preparation & cooking

Business guidance

Annex 5 - sear and shave method

This section gives an overview of the sear and shave method and how it can be used as part of the process to prepare and cook burgers which appear to be less than thoroughly cooked. 

Source control method

This section explains how the source control method can be used to produce and serve LTTC beef burgers.

Acrylamide legislation

Information on the measures concerning acrylamide levels in food, guidance for food business operators and benchmark levels for monitoring acrylamide levels in different food categories.

Pesticides in food

Pesticides are chemical or biological substances that are used to kill or control pests during the cultivation and storage of crops. We have oversight of pesticides and food safety in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Consumer guidance

BBQ food safety

How to stay food safe when cooking food at a barbecue. How to safely prepare meat and salads, cook meat thoroughly, and what to do with any leftovers from a BBQ.

Raw flour

You can get ill if you eat unbaked dough or batter made with flour containing bacteria. Flour is a raw ingredient and should be cooked or baked before eating to make it safe.

Food additives

Different food additives and advice on regulations and the safety of additives in food.


Food safety advice when preparing burgers at home and when eating burgers in restaurants

Why is cleaning important

Cleaning removes harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites which may be present on food in food preparation areas.