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Primary production

The following joint statement has been issued by the Food Standards Agency, Food Standards Scotland and representatives of the UK meat industry.
Noor Halal Foods Ltd pleaded guilty to ID mark failings and a hygiene offence at the site.
London based cutting plant M Coban Ltd fined over £10,000.
The UK’s two food regulators today published a draft review with a series of recommendations for the meat industry and the regulators themselves aimed at improving compliance and assurance in the meat processing industry.

Business guidance

A joint statement from the Partnership Working Group Sub-Group on Direct Sales for Qurbani 2020.
Risk analysis will continue to be one of our key functions and underpins everything we do. It will ensure we can continue to protect consumers and provide independent and trusted advice.
Advice on the new authorisation procedure for a regulated food or animal feed product or process requiring pre-market approval in the UK.
Advice on the information that you'll need to submit as part of your regulated product authorisation application.
Outline of the FSA's policy applied by officials when taking enforcement action against those running food business which contravene regulatory requirements.
Risk analysis is the process by which we assess, manage and communicate food and animal feed safety risks. It will ensure the UK continues to enjoy high standards of food and feed safety and consumer protection.
Activities that can be carried out on a meat establishment premises once approved.
Earned Recognition aims to reduce the burden for compliant businesses which allows enforcement activity to concentrate on less compliant businesses. Those who qualify for Earned Recognition will benefit by receiving less frequent visits by the enforcement authority.
Descriptions of the legal requirements from each regulation that applies to meat establishments.
How to satisfy the requirements set out by EU Food Hygiene Regulations. It includes guidance on the approval of premises and continued standards.
Legal requirements and standards for approved meat establishments.
Farmers producing animal feed or those involved in mixing with additives and pre-mixtures must be aware of the requirements for registration, record-keeping, animal feed hygiene and mixing of animal feed. 
EU wide legislation on animal feed applies to a wide range of animal feed businesses and activities. This page contains further guidance on key EU regulations, EU directives and national legislation affect businesses involved with animal feed.
Food and drink businesses that supply food products for use as animal feed must comply with the requirements of the Feed Hygiene Regulation 183/2005.
Guidance for growers of ready-to-eat crops. The guidance explains how to manage farm manures by developing safety plans that will reduce the risks of microbiological contamination of ready-to-eat crops.
How to apply for approval of a slaughterhouse, cutting plant, wholesale meat market and game handling establishment.
Legal criteria that genetically modified (GM) food products must meet in order to be allowed to grow in or imported into the UK.
Guidance for food businesses on selling, sampling and testing raw drinking milk, including information on tuberculosis and raw cows' drinking milk.
How we charge for activities carried out by us in meat premises.
Hygiene regulations for supplying game for human consumption.
Lists of approved food premises and types of establishments approved by us and local authorities.