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Storage & refrigeration

The decision, taken after extensive programme of stakeholder engagement and evidence gathering, will support both consumer and industry interest.

Business guidance

The Meat Industry Guide has been formally withdrawn as it is no longer a current publication.
Regulatory information about LBM and fishery product approvals for businesses.
How to control and reduce the risk of E. coli O157 cross-contamination in your business.
How to freeze fish and fishery products that are intended to be eaten raw or lightly cooked in food businesses and restaurants.
How to apply for authorisation to transport ‘above temperature’ meat from red meat slaughterhouses.

Consumer guidance

Christmas food hygiene tips and how to cook your turkey safely.
How to make sure the food you take on a picnic stays fresh and safe to eat.
How to chill, freeze and defrost food safely.
What you can do to reduce the chances of your food being infected with listeria.
How to avoid cross-contamination by following simple practices in the preparation and handling of food products.