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FSA 22-09-13 Performance and Resources report Quarter 1 2022 to 2023

Operational transformation

Evolving the food regulatory system, operational transformation key successes, concerns, risks and next steps identified.

  • legislative strategy team have completed recommendations for legislative success
  • 34 audits undertaken from segmentation pilot launched in June 2022
  • 14 remove audits taken place and are exploring other options to utilise the technology
  • RAS phase one completed after unsuccessful trials
  • digital approvals case management system launched

Key successes in the quarter

  • Legislation: The Legislative strategy team have completed their recommendations for legislative success. They have mapped the correct process to follow for any legislative changes, including communication routes for Devolved Administrations
  • Segmentation: 34 audits undertaken during Q1 to determine audit frequency since pilot launched in June 2022 with latest figures as at 19 August 2022 at 100 audits. The pilot has uncovered some emerging issues with the functionality and outputs from the model
  • Remote audits (RA): 14 remote audits have taken place and are exploring other options to utilise the technology. The Librestream contract has been extended until September 2022 to cover RA technology while procurement is ongoing
  • Resource Allocation System (RAS): Phase one has been completed after unsuccessful trials. A Microsoft teams solution was utilised and successfully meets all requirements
  • Digital approvals: The case management system was launched in May 2022 and plan to complete an evaluation in September 2022 where a full benefit and lessons learnt session will be updated.

Any concerns/risks

  • implementation of remote audits and process frameworks is behind schedule. Further resources are required for the next stages of the legislative strategy which could cause delays in the next stages for remote audits. 

Next steps

  • Segmentation: To develop our risk segmentation strategy we have decided to re-assess and reconfigure the model through ongoing evaluation and iterations of the pilot
  • RAS: Wider phases of RAS will be linked to the new HR system once developed and it is likely that requirements would be satisfied by this system. Work is planned to start in 2023/24
  • to review roles and responsibilities in the official controls team and the inspection tasks that could be delegated to FBOs. The digital audit and inspection work should continue following issues with conflicting priorities and lack of available resource
  • the wine Case Management System work has begun and updates will be available in the next quarter update.