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Evaluation Action Plan

Foreword: Evaluation Action Plan

The FSA's first Evaluation Action Plan will guide the development of its monitoring and evaluation activities amidst a rapidly changing food system.

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This is the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) first Evaluation Action Plan, which sets out the broad principles by which we will monitor and evaluate our work. 

The UK food system is rapidly changing; technology is transforming how food is produced, bought and sold, whilst economic, social and environmental pressures make accessing a healthy and sustainable diet challenging for many. 

The FSA’s ability to deliver on its mission – food you can trust - relies on the generation and use of high quality evidence, including evaluation evidence. Evaluation highlights good practice, improves our performance and identifies approaches that work, why and for whom. Conducting thorough evaluations ensures the effective use of public funds and helps create regulation that is proportionate and fit for purpose. 

This Action Plan builds on the good practices that are already in place within the FSA and aligns with our existing commitment to be an evidence-led organisation. It also makes a number of recommendations that will strengthen the organisation’s ability to generate and act on evaluation evidence, helping us navigate the complex challenges of the food system now and into the future. 

Robin May 

Chief Scientific Adviser