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NIFAC Open Meeting 29 November

Penodol i Ogledd Iwerddon

Open Meeting Of The Northern Ireland Food Advisory Committee On 29 November at the FSA Office, Belfast.

Diweddarwyd ddiwethaf: 15 Chwefror 2018

10.30am – Welcome and introductions

10.35am – Minutes of the Open meeting of 13 September 2017.

10.40am – Chair's report and Director's Update

10.55am – Introduction to the FSA Deputy Chair

11.10am – Regulating Our Future – The Food Standards Agency’s Role as a Supporting Regulator under Primary Authority

11.45am – Regulating Our Future – Development of the Assurance Framework for the Target Operating model

12.10pm – Update on FSA’s Activities Concerning Antimicrobial Resistance

12.40pm – Strategic Surveillance Update

  1.00pm – Understanding People: Social Science In The Food Standards Agency

  1.20pm – AOB

  1.25pm – Close


Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland