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Safer food, better business teaching resources for colleges

Teaching resources for catering students intended to promote understanding of food safety management and Safer Food Better Business (SFBB).

You can adapt the resources to meet individual learning needs and the delivery of various course programmes.

Materials for students include:

  • resource activities
  • handouts
  • activities to check learning
  • lesson plans

Materials for teachers and lecturers include:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • tracking/audit forms
  • case study of how Northampton College implemented SFBB within its catering facilities

These resources can be used:

  • for specific SFBB training
  • as part of food safety training
  • integrated into practical sessions
  • as part of generic theory delivery for NVQs and VRQs
  • for cover lessons or as an extension activity

You can download other SFBB packs from our site.

Virtual learning environments

A virtual learning environment (VLE) is an excellent way to give students access to the different resources they need. VLEs can also track use of resources or mark quizzes.

Your college may have a VLE you can use. Or, alternatively, there are some systems available online that are free to use.

Reward schemes

Colleges can put in place a reward scheme related to the implementation of SFBB. Schemes can be developed to:

  • promote food safety compliance across all learning programmes
  • maintain a high profile for SFBB throughout the academic year
  • reward groups/teams of learners who comply with food safety standards
  • promote teamwork and group cohesion

Any reward scheme will be unique to each college and its learners. See the Northampton College case study for an example of such a scheme.

Safe methods

SM1 - The calamity cafe

SM2 - The journey

SM3 - Cross-contamination

SM4 - Cleaning schedule

SM5 - Fridge cleaning checklist

SM6 - Cooking checks

SM7 - Temperature checks

SM8 - Checking your menu

SM9 - Kitchen cleaning audit

SM10 - Brave new world

SM11 - The head chef (part 1)

SM12 - The head chef (part 2)

SM13 - Preparing for a new job

SM14 - Preparing an induction training programme

Recording systems

REC1 - Opening and closing checklist

REC2 - Diary writing

REC3 - 4-weekly review

REC4 - Preparing checklists

REC5 - Auditing practice


HO1 - Opening and closing checks (kitchen)

HO2 - Opening and closing checks (stores)

HO3 - Opening and closing checks (front-of-house areas)

HO4 - SFBB diary

HO5 - 4-weekly review

HO6 - Internal quality audit

Check learning quizzes

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Quiz 3

Quiz 4

Quiz 5

Quiz 6

Quiz 7

Lesson plans

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3, lesson 1

Level 3, lesson 2

Training checklist implementation 

Training resources 

Level 1 training resource summary 

Level 2 training resource summary 

Level 3 training resource summary 

Safe methods training resource summary


Level 1 presentations

Level 2 presentations

Level 3, lessons 1 and 2

Lecturers and support staff

Tracking audit

Internal quality audit

Auditing brief

Training matrix 


Case study

Northern catering college case study