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How risk analysis keeps food and feed safe

Risk analysis is the process of assessing, managing and communicating food and animal feed safety risks. It’s how we ensure high standards of food and feed safety and protect consumers.

Earned Recognition - approved assurance schemes

Earned Recognition aims to reduce the burden for compliant businesses which allows enforcement activity to concentrate on less compliant businesses. Those who qualify for Earned Recognition will benefit by receiving less frequent visits by the enforcement authority.

Farmers producing animal feed

Farmers producing animal feed or those involved in mixing with additives and pre-mixtures must be aware of the requirements for registration, record-keeping, animal feed hygiene and mixing of animal feed. 

Animal feed legislation

Legislation on animal feed applies to a wide range of animal feed businesses and activities. This page contains further guidance on key legislation affecting businesses involved with animal feed.

GM in animal feed

Legal criteria that genetically modified (GM) feed products must meet to be marketed in the UK.